Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

CASL - How it affects CSCH-OD

475 email addresses that used to get workshop information will no longer get that mail, as of July 14th. 2014

I'm one of those 475 - how do I get my workshop notifications again?

Go to the sign up page and enter your information. If you use the same email address as before, your message history will be preserved. Unfortunately, you will need to re-enter the few details such as name, college and email list, and click the link returned in the confirmation email.

Why do members need to do anything?

While CASL allows us to send email to members for up to two years after membership expires, keeping track of each email address and the date that we need to stop sending is very complicated and would take a large programming effort, for little return. The CSCH-OD Board decided to accept the recommendation to request "express consent" which does not expire (but can be revoked by unsubscribing).

Can I just send you an email saying I consent?

Legally, yes, but then we would need to file that email forever and be able to find it again if required to prove our list was legitimate. So, no, we don't have the resources to do that.

I just went to a workshop, am I on the list?

We used to do that for you, as it was OK under the former legislation, but we will now remind attendees to sign up, if they haven't already. (See also the reasons under "Members".)

I went to the page requested before July 14 and I am not getting emails

Some people may have clicked "Don't consent" by mistake; certainly, there were long-time members who showed up on the list with "Don't Consent". However, it rather defeats the purpose if we changed all of them to "Consent", doesn't it? Unfortunately the only remedy is the one above: re subscribe here.

Don't you think you could have handled this better?

Yes, with another month and a few thousand dollars of development costs, we could have. Sorry that wasn't possible.