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Hypnosis - What can it do for you?

Clinical hypnosis has been shown to be effective in a variety of conditions, with research providing evidence to inform our practice.  References to research articles and books are available on request from our members.  Since each member of the Society doesn’t practice in all of these areas, it is suggested that clients or patients discuss with a potential therapist their training and experience, particularly in the area(s) of interest.  We work in an interdisciplinary fashion, along with other professionals to augment, rather than replace, their treatments.  It is essential that a thorough medical examination and diagnosis be made prior to the commencement of hypnosis, in order to rule out any conditions that would be better treated by means of conventional medical treatment.   Referrals to the professionals in our Society who practise hypnotherapy come from physicians, dentists, psychologists, and other practitioners, as well as from potential clients or patients themselves.  Depending on one’s benefits, some portion of our fees may be reimbursed for hypnotherapy or, in the case of physicians, coverage is available via OHIP. 

Here are some areas where hypnosis has been shown to be effective: