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Previous Advanced Workshops

2002:  Dr. Dabney Ewin:  Using ideomotor techniques in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders.

2003:  Dr. Daniel Handel:  Use of hypnosis in pain management.

2004:  Dr. Claire Frederick:  Foundations of ego state therapy.

2005:  Dr. Reginald Humphreys:  Parasympathetic pathways to health:  The autonomic model of hypnosis.

2006:  Dr. Sylvain Néron:  Clinical hypnosis for the relief of symptoms in advanced cancer.

2007:  Dr. Carol Kershaw:  Ericksonian hypnosis for self-regulation and life mastery.

2008:  Dr. Maggie Phillips:  An advanced workshop on energy psychology, hypnosis, and chronic pain.

2009:  Dr. Carolyn Daitch:  Affect regulation toolbox.

2009:  Dr. Elvira Lang & Dr. Eleanor Laser:  Hypnosis in the hospital setting and the physician’s practice.

2010: Dr. Jeff Zeig: Ericksonian Hypnosis demystified:
bringing out the best in your clients

2011:  Dr. Max Shapiro:  Advanced Techniques in Medical and Psychological Hypnosis.

2012: Dr. Claire Frederick: The Evolution of Ego State Therapy

2103: Dr. Lee Pulos: Integrating Hypnosis with other Therapies

2014: Dr. Carol Ginandes: Envisioning Wellness:
Creating Targeted Hypnotic Suggestions for Healing

2015: Dr. Leora Kuttner: Clinical Hypnosis in the Treatment of Pain, Anxiety, and Chronic Illness in Children and Adolescents