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Eligibility for Workshops

Introductory Workshop

Applicants for training at any CSCH-OD workshop must be regulated by a College under the RHPA, the College of Social Workers or the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario (or their equivalents in other provinces or states) and who have a minimum of a Masters degree.

As an alternative, regulated applicants without a Masters degree may declare in writing that clinical hypnosis is within their scope of practice and that they have had at least 3 years of clinical experience following graduation.  The latter applications will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Training Committee.  

Graduate students in programs leading to Masters or Doctoral degrees in Psychology, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing or Chiropractic are also welcome to apply to attend our workshops. Students must submit evidence of current full-time status in their graduate programs; this must specify which course and school they are in and must either be signed by their supervisor or be on a standard form produced by their University. 

Intermediate and Advanced Workshops

Available to anyone who fulfils the Introductory Workshop requirements listed above and who has completed Introductory Training sponsored by CSCH-OD, by another ASCH Division, or by any other hypnosis society acceptable to the Training Committee of CSCH-OD.

Completion of the CSCH-OD Introductory Training requires attendance at a workshop and successful completion of a mentored assignment within six weeks following the workshop.

Participants are encouraged to take the Intermediate level training before moving to the Advanced level, as the Intermediate program provides supervised small group practice that is invaluable to a novice hypnotherapist.