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Training Workshops

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Every year, we have a sequenced progression of training workshops in hypnosis, starting with an introductory workshop in the fall (for professionals with little or no background or experience in hypnosis), an intermediate workshop in the spring (for those who have successfully completed an introductory workshop with our Society or with another approved hypnosis society, such as a component chapter of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) and would now like to learn more applications to clinical issues), and an advanced workshop in May or June (presented by well-known hypnotherapists in North America). 

Our workshops include didactic presentations, videos, demonstrations of hypnotic inductions, and small group practice sessions with an experienced faculty member present to provide guidance and feedback. 

Training doesn’t stop there; members of the Society are free to ask more experienced practitioners clinical questions or to receive assistance if they encounter any problems.  Our introductory workshop includes a component in which the participant goes back to his or her clinic or office and uses hypnosis with a client or patient.  They then write up the experience in a one-page note (for which examples are provided) and submit it to a “mentor”, who has several years of clinical experience in hypnosis.  Constructive feedback is provided, with any suggestions for improvements.  New members may wish to continue consulting their mentor or any other members for assistance.   As well, peer groups are available in various parts of Ontario allowing members to meet in person between workshops.  Discussions about techniques, applications, problems, etc. are often included in these free meetings. 

You can get a sense of previous workshops by looking at the brochures for recent workshops, and a complete list of all the Advanced workshops.