Finding a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Many health-care professionals use clinical hypnosis in their professional practice as an additional tool in helping their clients or patients address a variety of conditions. All of our members are licenced professionals and are members of a regulated college. Members on our referral list have completed our course in clinical hypnosis, or an equivalent course, which includes supervised practice sessions and mentored follow-up after the workshop.

if you are looking for a referral to a health-care professional who uses clinical hypnosis in their practice, send an email to with the following two pieces of information:

1. Please state the condition(s) for which you are seeking a referral. Please consult the Areas of Therapy page for the list of conditions.

2. Your location: please indicate one or more cities or towns where you would like to receive treatment (Ontario only). lf you are in the GTA area, kindly indicate which area of Toronto: central, East, West, etc.

Please do not include personal or medical inforrnation. The referral system only matches someone seeking treatment for stated conditions with members who offer treatment of those stated conditions.


While all members on the referral list have successfully completed the hypnosis training and are members of their respective professional college, CSCH-OD cannot guarantee the quality of the service offered.