Advanced Level

Accessing the Inner World of the Hypnotic Mind

Dissociation, PTSD and Beyond

Dr. George Fraser, M.D., FRCPC

June 15th and 16th, 2018


This workshop is presented by Dr. George Fraser, a clinical psychiatrist with 40 years of experience using hypnosis as an adjunctive therapeutic modality. He will review important lessons learned both as a clinician, a teacher and reviewer of published academic evidence.  The workshop is best for those with intermediate to advanced experience with hypnosis. Commonly used clinical applications will be presented.

During the 2 day workshop, videos will demonstrate hypnosis being used in actual clinical cases.  Power point presentations will clarify clinical teaching points and provide a template for therapists to explain the nature of hypnosis to their clients/patients.  Induction strategies will be discussed and demonstrated.  Group participation and discussions will enhance the value of this workshop.

Registration opens February 23, 2018

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