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Advanced Workshop

Integrating Ego State Therapy with Creative, Ericksonian and Psychodynamic Therapies

Susanna Carolusson, MSc., Lic. Psychologist, Lic Psychotherapist, Lecturer, Gothenburg, Sweden

June 7 and 8, 2019

Susanna Carolusson, licensed psychologist, obtained her M.Sc. in psychology from Gothenburg University, Sweden, in 1984. She is Director of advanced teaching programs for the Swedish Society of Clinical Hypnosis (SSCH), a former editor of the Swedish Journal of Hypnosis, and former chairperson for the Milton Erickson Foundation for Science and Research (SSCH). She has lectured and consulted internationally, including Russia and Poland, where she has established advanced programs in clinical hypnosis and Ego State Therapy respectively. She has presented at over forty congresses in Europe, Africa, and North America, and authored or co-authored seven books and over thirty scholarly papers. For more information, please see

Workshop Summary:

Clinical psychologist Susanna Carolusson has employed hypnosis in therapy for the past forty years. In this workshop, she shows how one can combine Psychodynamic, Ego State, and Ericksonian approaches in hypnotherapy. These three traditions creatively utilize powerful internal healing resources. They harness phenomena outside conscious awareness, including defense mechanisms, trauma-induced dissociation, and transference reactions.  Through instruction, demonstrations, exercises, and role-play, Susanna shows how Ego State Therapy employs Ericksonian values of respect for the client’s unique healing resources, and  how transference work enhances exploratory and integrative ego state work. Within this integrative framework, she presents diagnostic, uncovering, and resource-building techniques such as Shorr’s “Finish the Sentence”. Participants enhance their ability to select among the best ideas of various experts, integrate them in a personally authentic manner, and create a unique healing relationship with each client.

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