Hypnosis workshop

Having Weird Conversations: Learning Conversational Hypnosis from the Start

Laurence Sugarman, MD, FAAP, ABMH

May 30, May 31 and June 1 2024- Hybrid Workshop

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Hypnosis is the study and practice of changing minds. Clinical hypnosis promotes mind plasticity towards individual well-being. While the legacy model of clinical hypnosis has long been taught and practiced as a multistep linear process, evidence indicates that hypnosis is most effective when it is tailored to creatively encourage individuals in a non-linear and indeterminate manner.

Transforming hypnosis from a procedure/problem-based to a person-centered practice involves the learning of elemental interpersonal skills, principles, and orientations that can drive plasticity across a range of therapeutic interactions: from the emergency department to the psychotherapy office.

In this workshop, we will develop those abilities to have cognizant hypnotic conversations by practicing the integration of discrete skills into clinical encounters along a trajectory from establishing rapport, to incubating new understanding, towards numinous experiences. Join us and learn how to move from doing hypnosis to being hypnotic.

You will learn to:

Recognize how hypnosis occurs naturally in conversations, for good & ill.

Apply the structure, principles & skills that make conversations both more hypnotic & therapeutic.

Discover renewed satisfaction in your clinical practice by using conversational hypnosis to encourage creativity & enriched relationships with those in your care.

About Laurence Sugarman

Laurence Irwin Sugarman is a Research Professor in the Center for Applied Psychophysiology and Self-regulation in the College of Health Sciences and Technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Clinical Professor in Pediatrics at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in Rochester, New York.

During the first two decades of pediatric practice, Dr. Sugarman refined clinical biofeedback and hypnosis strategies in his practice to effectively integrate primary mental health care into primary care. In the decades since he has emerged as a leader in the field of clinical hypnosis.

He is an Approved Consultant and Fellow with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He has been a directing member of the teaching faculty for the (US) National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute (NPHTI), elected to the Executive Committee of the Section on Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics of the American Academy of Pediatrics and is past president of the American Board of Medical Hypnosis.

Dr. Sugarman’s many publications, audio recordings, the internationally acclaimed video-documentary, Hypnosis in Pediatric Practice: Imaginative Medicine in Action, and textbook (with William Wester) Therapeutic Hypnosis with Children and Adolescents have earned him international recognition. His research has focused on self-regulation therapies for young people with autism spectrum and other developmental differences, the theoretical and psychobiological basis for professional hypnosis training, and hypnosis as the basis for changing health and care.

His latest book, coauthored with Julie Linden and Lee Brooks, is Changing Minds with Clinical Hypnosis: Narratives and Discourse for a new health care paradigm. He is the recipient of many awards and citations for his efforts, the essence of which, he writes, “is exploring and investing in the therapeutic potential of our imaginations.”

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Workshop details:

TIMINGS: Thurs (May 30) 6-9pm, Fri (May 31) 9-5pm, Sat (June 1st) 9-5pm

The full workshop Agenda is available here: Sugarman Workshop Outline: Agenda

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No previous hypnosis training is necessary for this workshop.

Fees include refreshments/snacks during breaks.

Format: Hybrid (Online and Offline)

Location: Ontario Bar Association, 20 Toronto Street, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario

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